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Our Mission

We are committed to innovation, we are committed to excellence and we are committed to help you achieve your goals. Our secret recipe is nothing but passion and a long market knowledge acquired over many years. Together we will find the best solution for you!


Events & Incentives (DMC)

The most innovative ideas

We are "WOW" specialists and we will put everything in so you can get a piece of it.

Broad market experience

It's been a while since we started so we might know almost every corner of Spain Let us give you the best ideas on how to enjoy our wonderful country

Your success, our success

24/7 ground support so you have everything under control


Congresses (PCO)

All in one

Consolidating all congress pillars in one of our project managers from the financial, technical, scientific and communication areas.

Value generation

More and more, congresses are also what happen before and after the event. Let us help you capture awareness and traffic for your conference


More and more, it is not only about the big splash but content you generate before and after the event. There are many actions to drive awareness through traditional (telemarketing, signage) and new means (social media, SEO and newsletters)


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