Pre-Congress: Before the event, it is one of the most important phases of planning and coordination in which we offer.

Congress: During the Event, execution and setting in Scene is the result of a good planning of phase 1. We have and we offer for the Staging.

Post Congress: Después del Evento, After the Event, reminders and loyalty processes.

Alo Congress

The holding of a Congress, Conference, Symposium and Meeting will bring up great challenges that must be met. And all major challenges require a good project.

Alo Congress, PCO (Professional Congress Organizer), turns this challenge into your success. Being professionals in the field, we work actively in the management and organization of congresses at the national and international level, providing the optimal management of its resources and giving your meetings the added value which will make them unique.

Our main role is to manage all operational aspects of your Congress, Conference, Symposium or Meeting, so you can focus on the agenda and programme for the event.

Our PCO Division takes care on all the necessary aspects turning this challenge into your success.

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Make Alo Congress your PARTNER letting us participate actively in the success of your Congress

Optimizing resources, minimizing time, intermediaries and render actions: